Nantong Xingyuan Medical & Chemical Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

We, Nantong Xingyuan Medical & Chemical Co., Ltd. lines in Nantong , on the north bank of the Yangzi River with favorable geographical location and convenient transportation---Nantong is called “north door” of Shanghai, only about 2 hours to Shanghai city center by car.  

Restructured from “Nantong Hengfa Medical Dressing Co., Ltd." in 1997 , all staffs who were selected from Nantong Hengfa have experience of medical products for over 5 years. 

Our main products : medical absorbent gauze, kinds of bandage, medical adhesive tape, medical dressing etc.We establish ourselves as your reliable provider with its highly-competitive price, excellent and stable quality and first-class service. Aiming to obtain vaster room for development, we treat production quality as our culture and have increased the investment to improve the production environment and to guarantee a preeminent role of our products in this industry......READ MORE

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Our advantages

Price advantage:  

Price advantage:Through strict control of the whole process of production, storage, transportation and sales, as well as......READ MORE

Quality control:

Quality control: In the process of trade negotiation, supplier selection and raw materials procurement, raw materials in and out of warehouse process, product production process, before delivery to the warehouse in port......READ MORE

Delivery time control:

Delivery  time control: We check the delivery of raw materials, check the production plan  of the workshop, streamline production ......READ MORE

Products standard, Value-added  service,Specialized......READ MORE

Relative news

How to use xingyuan medical adhesive tape?  

Xingyuan medical adhesive tape is not allergic to the skin, non-toxic,  proper breath ability, no staining of  the skin, long-lasting viscosity and so on. At present, it has been widely used in medical  work.    

Xingyuan medical adhesive  tape has modified the shortcomings of traditional zinc oxide adhesives consisting of all ergenicity and poor gas permeability.     

So how do you use xingyuan medical adhesive tape? What must we pay attention to?Let's take a look at it together.

 (1) Clean and disinfect the skin before use and leave it to dry.

(2) Smoothly attach the tape to the out side from the center without tension. In order to make the tape adhere to the dressing, it should be attached to the skin with at least 2.5CM beyond the dressing......READ MORE