Nantong Xingyuan Medical & Chemical Co., Ltd.

Why us: 

 * Profession: 

 Only focus on the manufacture and supply of various medical products

 Experience in medical products for about 20 years

 * Proficient in all aspects of the export  process

 * Very familiar with overseas market, like  European, American, Africa market etc.  

 * Products quality is accordance with the  Pharmacopoeia standards strictly

 * Quality control from raw material till  delivery in each process 

 * Delivery on time, insure to arrive your  port in time 

 * We would reply you within 24hours in  professional.

 * Every client is responsible by one  professional person from offer, sample, negotiate, sign contract, tracking producing, delivery, and later service 

 * Favorable price, stable high quality, quick delivery and good service after sales make you gain more profit


Detailed advantages:

Price Advantage: 

Price Advantage:Through strict control of the whole process of production, storage, transportation and sales, as well as the improvement of various processes, we can save costs and reduce prices. 

Our price advantage is not simply the lowest price, but a comprehensive consideration of product cost performance (product quality, delivery time, value-added service, etc.) and price honesty.

Quality control:

Quality control: In the process of trade negotiation, supplier selection and raw material  procurement, raw materials in and out of warehouse process, product production process, before delivery to the warehouse in port, in the all links to carry out a variety of testing to ensure  our product quality meet customer requirements. 

Delivery time control:

Delivery time control: We check the delivery of raw materials, check the production plan of the workshop, stream line production and standardization operations to ensure higher production efficiency, and ultimately delivery timely. 

Value-added service:

Value-added service:You buy not only high quality products, but also value-added service. Once you become our client, we would supply you pre-sale service, sale service and after sale service. We would arrange special person for you to ensure communication fluency and timeliness. 


Specialized: We have been in this industry for nearly 20years, and we deeply understand the problems that may arise in the product production. If customer encounter any difficulties or problems, we can help to propose solutions for customer to choose.

Products standard:

Products standard: All products standards accord with the pharmacopoeia standard, like European Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, U.S.A. Pharmacopoeia, or meet the specific standards specified by customers